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Get Skull F**ed by Richard Gray’s MINE GAMES

Poster at r Richard Gray’s Mine Games
What if you and your friends were meeting at a secluded cabin in the country for a peaceful getaway, your car breaks down, no cell reception, and you stumble upon an old mine. Would you descend upon it? What if you did and within that mine you find you and your friends dead bodies, lying there, lifeless under some piece of canvas. You’d freak the fuck out right?

Well this is the premise of writer/director Richard Gray’s MINE GAMES. A brilliantly delicious mind-fuck of a story that will leave you clinging to your seat.

I honestly can’t say a negative thing about this film. It just keeps twisting and turning and drowning you in confusion. But by the end of the film everything is explained, beautifully,  giving you every piece of this crazy puzzle and enveloping you in the main solid story. It took me a few minutes after finishing the film to really appreciate this well woven film.

Still from Richard Gray’s Mine Game

The cast is superb. Every character is fleshed out properly so their actions and reactions to the events fit their profiles. Joesph Cross is especially stellar as Michael, who plays his character two very different ways, and pulls it off flawlessly.

This is truly one you HAVE to see. Don’t waste your time sifting through the crap that is hitting the DVD shelves and VOD venues in droves. Instead skip the others for now, and grab you a copy of MINE GAMES. You’ll thank me later!

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Chad Armstrong

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