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Get Ready To Shriek Again! GORE SHRIEK Returns After 25 Year Hiatus


It’s been 25 years since the shrieks had finally silenced. The pages have yellowed, the ink has smeared…and the blood has dried black! With two volumes and a dozen gore soaked issues left behind to rot, it seemed for decades that the tales of walking corpses, alien invasions, psycho-maniacs, toxic parasites, and full blown body horror would be left in the hands of the many imitators that would follow it its bloody footsteps.

Yeah, Right!

Just in time for its 30th Anniversary, series creator and Fantaco Enterprises Publisher TOM SKULAN is opening the tomb back up for business with a splat-taz-maniacal return of the true original independent horror anthology comic book sensation….the often imitated, never duplicated, always eviscerated….GORE SHRIEK!!!!


Yep, kiddies, GORE SHRIEK is back …and it wants more victims!

I’ve gotten thousands of letters and emails from GORE SHRIEK fans worldwide asking me when I’m going to resurrect the series” says Skulan. “It’s daunting to see the responses we’ve gotten after it was announced that GORE SHRIEK was coming back! The fanbase we have for this project is like none other.  When we said ‘shriek and shriek, again’ they definitely took it to heart.”

Tom isn’t taking this walk back into darkness alone, though. This time, he’s bringing independent comic book sensations, ROUGH HOUSE PUBLISHING along for the ride. Last year, Rough House received critical acclaim for their giant 294 page graphic novel, titled THE DEAD – OMNIBUS, which reprinted and (sort of) concluded a decades old series by DEADWORLD founding fathers RALPH GRIFFITH and STUART KERR.
It would appear that Rough House is coming to the table with ample experience in the art of resurrection.


We’re thrilled to have another legendary publishing icon sharing the same sensibilities that Rough House was founded on. The partnership with Tom was seamless and the result is going to blow the truest of Gore Shriek fans away!” says artist and Rough House Publishing founder, Derek Rook.

The “result” that Rook is referring to is formally titled, GORE SHRIEK – RESURRECTUS, and is a two-part, 48-page comic book series that’s poised to usher in a giant return of the series proper.

Rough House writer and Managing Editor, Mike “Corpse Monger” Wasion had this to say in regards to what fans should expect from the all new GORE SHRIEK. “We’re bringing back some of the classic Gore Shriek alumni (not saying who quite yet) but we want to impress upon Shriek’s rabid pantheon of fans that this isn’t just a nostalgia trip, but a HUGE push forward for the future of the series.”


With the landscape of print media ever-changing, Tom Skulan employed the many powers of social media and internet crowd funding to aid in his crusade. A Kickstater campaign was launched on January 28th with a bunch of amazing perks that will only be available during the campaign, including a complete compliment of original GORE SHRIEK single issues and an ultra-rare Gore Shriek 13” inch zombie bust sculpted by Jared Balog.

The new GORE SHRIEK books will look and feel exactly like what we remembered back in the day. That, we can promise. Everything else is up to them. Fandom is the heartbeat of everything we do in this business …and we’re the biggest ones, which helps.” Wasion concluded.

GORE SHRIEK was the springboard for many budding careers back in the 1980’s including those of Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Greg Capullo, Gurchian Singh and showcased the masterworks of such titans as Stephen R. Bissette and the late Chas. Balun.

These new editions of Gore Shriek come to you from Rough House Publishing in conjunction with FantaCo Publications. Both issues are licensed and authorized by the series creator and trademark holder, Tom Skulan.

GORE SHRIEK RESURRECTUS Volumes I & II will be funded exclusively through Kickstarter.





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