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FROM BEYOND (1986): Retro Review

Barbara Crampton and Ted Sorel

Oh the 80’s, where you could walk into any video store and have your choice of a plethora of indie, low budget, horror movies. Yes, you can say the same today with Red Box, Netflix, or ITunes, but these were good horror movies? No matter how bad the films were, they featured real monsters that someone took time to sculpt, cast, paint, and construct animateonitics. Not like today where there is a ton of “found footage” crap, or low budget CGI effects.

Director Stuart Gordon

“From Beyond” was one of the best of the best in the 80’s, with some of the best creature effects for that era by Mark Shostrom.

Directed by Stuart Gordon, and featuring horror icons Jeffrey Combs Barbara Crampton Ken Foree. The story centers around a scientist that creates a machine that stimulates the pineal gland, which allows the characters to see a parallel world and interact with the creatures that aren’t so nice.

“From Beyond” is a classic featuring a great cast, great creature effects, and a great director. If you haven’t seen it you can’t really call yourself a horror fan.

They just don’t make original, gutsy, horror films like this anymore. If you haven’t seen this in awhile revisit it. If it’s not part of your collection, for God’s sake, visit the links below.

From Beyond Poster Art
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