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Found Footage . . . of Werewolves! WER Poster and Trailer.

The new found footage (damn it!) werewolf flick, Wer, is going straight to DVD shelves. The trailer is a mix of shaky cams, monitors and news recordings but there seems to be a decent amount of werewolf carnage, including a SWAT team that gets f***ed up!

Synopsis – “Following the brutal slaying of an American family vacationing in France, a peculiar man living near the crime scene is charged with their murders. Believing her client is innocent, defense attorney Kate Moore and her team decide to take a scientific approach in order to prove his physical incapability to local authorities. As she delves into his family history, she uncovers evidence that suggests the rebirth of an unexpected legend and a bloodbath ensues.”

Wer is scheduled for DVD release on September 23rd.

Wer Poster


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