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First Look: BALLET OF BLOOD, a.k.a. BALLERINA MASSACRE Teaser Released

The upcoming Ballet Of Blood, a.k.a. Ballerina Massacre has released it’s first teaser!  We’re happy to present this latest press release info on this upcoming flick!

Once in a great while, a motion picture is made that stirs you to your emotional core, inflicts jarring curiosities of the novelties unknown.  Visionary sensationalist Jared Masters is doing just that.  He’s currently conducting an American ballet…of bloodshed…in Ballet of Blood, a.k.a. Ballerina Massacre.  A bone cracking psychological exploration in classical dance and delusion.  See what happens when a wild ballerina breaks loose from an asylum after a fellow ballerina blows her top from years of torment.  A spectacular fall and rise of someone so sincere, they murder innocent young women in cold blood.

Ballet Of Blood, a.k.a. Ballerina Massacre – Coming Soon!

Starring in this picture, the partners in crime…Sydney Raye, the Cinematic Jewel of the Sea, and Jessica Knopf, the clawing kitten that wont be kept in a cage, but will rage a war of carnage on a sound stage someone will have to clean up, in Hollywood!

The film co-stars Laura Amelia as dance teacher, Delphine, who believes “bones are beautiful, curves are not.”, and Julia Faye West as prima ballerina, Sylvie.  The film also features Mindy Robinson, Walter Hochbrueckner, Bouvier, Vera R. Taylor, Rubi Garcia, Marla Martinez, Jacqueline Marie Alberto, Dawna Lee Heising, Dallas Chandler, and Krystall Schott.  Sound by Jonathan Weichsel.  Cinematography by John Gonatos.  Written and Directed by Jared Masters.  Expected Halloween 2015.

Check out the first teaser!

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