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THE FIANCÉ, A New Twist On Bigfoot Flicks, Reveals First Trailer

Firebreathing Films has released the very first look at its Bigfoot thriller, The Fiancé.

Starring Carrie Keagan (Fetish Factory), Douglas Tait (Star Trek), and Curt Lambert (Mind Rage), the trailer shows how Michael (newcomer Dallas Valdez) goes from an in-love fiancé to a “stone cold killer” when his bride-to-be Sara (Keagan) is bitten by Sasquatch (Tait). Between the gory mayhem, we see there’s a mystery in the lovers’ back story – what kind of a deal has Michael made with Sara’s father?

There is a crime drama element to it,” writer-director Mark Allen Michaels confirmed in an interview for, “but it’s not Sasquatch making offers people can’t refuse or anything like that – he’s still in the forest as a wild creature, as usual.  What makes him different is that he’s infected, and very aggressive.  His virus is contagious.”

Carrie Keagan

Keagan, a self-proclaimed ‘gore whore’ loved getting bloody for her role as fiancé Sara.  As she told Legion of Leia in a recent interview, “I drive out to a cabin in the woods to meet my man for a romantic weekend where, unbeknownst to me, he is going to propose.  When I arrive at the cabin I get attacked by a Bigfoot.  From that moment on the sweet and beautiful Sara transforms into a rabid, crazed, beast who’s only intent on ripping apart anyone that comes near her.”

All 6’5” of famed creature actor Tait embodies Bigfoot in a most terrifying way.  In addition to the blockbuster films Star Trek and Thor, he’s known for his work on the NBC show Grimm, and has a large role on The Quest, ABC’s fantasy-based reality competition series.

The Fiancé is produced by Firebreathing Films, Staci Layne Wilson (Fetish Factory) and Kate Rees Davies (Altered Perception). Cinematography by Stefan Colson (Day for Night).

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