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Fatal Pictures’ HEIR (2015): Short Film Review…A Brilliantly Disturbing Film

Official One SheetFatal Pictures and writer/director Richard Powell (Worm, Familiar) nail it again with the brilliantly disturbing short film HEIR.

This short film is disturbing in different ways. It’s certainly got the FX that we have come to love and enjoy in their films, but HEIR takes on a deeper, creepier, more emotional turn in this one.

Again, I’m not going to spoil anything by writing a synopsis, it is however, a short film and telling anything is giving something away. Still, I’ll say the film is nothing less than spectacular. Everytime I see one of Fatal Pictures shorts I wish it was longer, then I think “why the fuck aren’t these guys shooting features”! Enough with the teasing already fellas, make a damn feature!!

The cast is brilliant, once again staring Fatal Pictures alumni Robert Nolan, who always provides a character you can certainly care about and emotionalizes the character for us. Then you have Bill Oberst Jr, who, I think, was born to play THIS ROLE.  Again, I wish it would have been a feature because how these two play off each other is just amazing.

Richard Powell again shines as director, using specific lighting and camera set-ups to help paint the picture of this strangely dark tale that is painted beautifully before our very eyes.

Makeup FX is also mesmerizing. The abruptness and sharpness of the practical effects reach out from the screen, grab you by your hair and drag you into the story, making you feel a tad uneasy; uneasy because of how good they are and what the symbolic aspects of the effects mean.

Fatal Pictures short films are better and have more plot and narrative than most feature length films out there. If you think watching a short film is below you, or you’re to much of a horror snob, then you are surely missing some of the best films I’ve seen in the last decade. Put on your big boy pants and head on over to to find out more. If you’re going to be at Fantasia this summer you can check it out there.



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Chad Armstrong

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