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FAMILIAR – Short Film Review A Bloody Good Time!

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When was the last time you watched a short film?  Never?  Over a year ago?  I don’t know why the short film format is so ignored by the majority of the population.  It boggles my mind when there are literally thousands and thousands of quality entertainment out there that is free, but no one wants to watch, or just ignores it.  It’s like we as a society think we are too good for it.  We need to search these films out and discover better and more unique entertainment than the regular feature length faire.  We need to embrace this medium and encourage the discovery of some of these amazing filmmakers.

The most recent short I had the pleasure to watch was FAMILIAR. Written and directed by Richard Powell and produced by Zach Green and starring the very talented Robert Nolan as John.  John is a 40-something stuck in a life with a wife and teenage daughter.  A voice inside his head is telling him he wants more out of life.  It wants a chance to start over, just bail on his family and create a new life elsewhere.  But is that voice inside his head actually his own thoughts or another physical being manipulating him like a mindless puppet?

This short little film has it all.  An amazing story, great performances, superb direction, and some amazing practical makeup effects.  This film works much better than most of the larger budget features springing up left in right in the market.  Sure other shorts have some of these qualities bleed through, but it’s rare that all of them are so superbly executed that allows you to become a true fan, a fan that makes you jump online and research the filmmakers, and trying to locate all of their other projects to view.  I did just that.

Robert Nolan sheds some blood in Familiar

Nolan’s performance is one of many reasons this film works so well.  It could have been over-acted by any other actor.  However, his reactions to the strange situations and the voice within his head are spot on.  You can tell, even early in the film, just by his facial expressions that he really doesn’t agree wholeheartedly with the voice and his actions.

Another aspect of this amazing little film that shines is the practical effects.  These are full of details, some great animatronics which are shown in detail, which shows Powell had faith in this effects team.

Over-all this is not one to miss.  Seek this one out because short films have a lot to say and you will be surprised of the quality of some of these little films that are out there like FAMILIAR.


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FAMILIAR – Short Film Review A Bloody Good time

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