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Great Horror Movies You May Never Heard Of “Chasing Sleep”


Written and Directed by Michael Walker and staring Jeff Daniels, “Chasing Sleep”, released in 2000, is a total psychological horror film that really fucks with your mind. When College Professor, Ed Saxon’s wakes up to find his wife is missing he struggles to find an answer to her disappearance. With haunting imagery, the movie fucks…

The Top 10 Sexiest Horror Movie Monsters

We have accumulated a list of what we think is the top 10 sexiest monster. Feel free to add any you think we are missing in the comments. 1. Bride of re-animator: The Bride (Kathleen Kinmont) 2. Return of the living dead 3. Julie Walker (Melinda Clarke) 3. 13 Ghosts: The Angry Princess (Shawna Loyer)…