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I AM THE DOORWAY — UPDATE: Simon Merrells Agrees To Starring Role

I Am The Doorway is now in pre-production, and you are invited to become part of this incredible project!


I Am The Doorway, a shocking science-fiction/horror short, is based on the chilling Stephen King story and fully authorized by the author. It has been adapted by Jeffrey Stackhouse, Richard A. Becker & Wendy Lashbrook, a multi-award-winning screenwriting team based in the US, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things horror.

SYNOPSIS — After a journey to investigate desolate Pluto, astronaut Arthur returns home a shattered man. He sees eyes forcing their way through the skin of his hands, eyes that distort his friends and the landscape itself into monstrous visions. Believing himself the doorway to alien invasion and gruesome murder, he must take desperate action.

Concept art

From the filmmaker’s original pitch for the adaptation:
“… a movie in the tradition of Argento and Cronenberg, a film of beautiful colors and gorgeous wide-screen set pieces, which frame a brutal and devastating horror.”

On-board to bring this film to life are director/producer team Simon Pearce and Wolfram Parge, whose first feature length horror, Judas Ghost, was released on DVD & digital in the US & UK in 2015. The film also had a successful festival run, receiving four awards for Best Film, one for Best Director and two wins for Best Actor.



********** UPDATE **********

Simon Merrells Joins Stephen King’s I AM THE DOORWAY Subject to work commitments

Filmmakers are thrilled to announce that British actor Simon Merrells (Spartacus: War of the Damned, The Tomorrow People, Dominion) has agreed to star in their adaptation of I Am The Doorway!

Simon Merrells

Subject to work commitments, Simon will be playing the central role of former astronaut Arthur, a broken man who suffered a terrible loss after a deep space mission gone wrong. Merrells has previously worked with director Simon Pearce on his feature film Judas Ghost, in which he played camera-man and ghost finder Mark Vega.



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