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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Contribute To Upcoming Psycho-Thriller CHAMBERS

“Six chambers. . .five people. . .one bullet.”

“Someone has to go twice.”

Storyboard Art

Chambers explores what happens when five strangers (a mother, her eight year old son, a priest, a college student and a school teacher) are all locked into a room together and forced to play a pulse pounding game of Russian roulette.  As the scene moves from player to player, we find out much more about each participant and the circumstances that have brought this unlikely group together, leading to a dramatic climax.

More conceptual storyboards

Writer/director Corey Maffucci:

I wrote the original concept for Chambers ten years ago while I was still high school. I was captivated and inspired by the play “No Exit” by Jean-Paul Sartre. Through the ten years since writing the original concept, the story of “Chambers” has morphed and changed, until it has reached its final incarnation, which we are trying to bring to screen with your help.

For a long time, Chambers, originally titled Roullete, was a story I told friends at parties and across classrooms. Every time I would tell it I would get the same response, “You need to make this!” I never felt quite in the right place to finally make it. Now, three years out of film school, after working on and shooting numerous different short films and features in New York City, I have decided that this is the perfect time. 

IMG_1235Chambers will be the second and biggest short film done under the umbrella of production company Cineslinger, LLC. Our last short film, entitled Dummy (Directed by Co-Owner Josh Haslup) is in the final stages of post production and primed to hit the festival circuit. We also host a by filmakers for filmakers interview series entitled The Hot Set.



Sounds pretty damned intriguing, Fellow Fans…but time on their campaign is running short!  Go check out their crowdfunding page, see what kind of help you can provide to bring this short film to life, and help these filmmakers realize their dreams of giving us nightmares!





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