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Devilworks Turns To Madness; Acquires EZO1 MADNESS, Releases New Trailer & Art

The folks over at Devilworks have acquired Worldwide Distribution for the sci-fi war film EZO1 MADNESS, which has over 500 Special FX by the renowned German SFX company Slaughterhouse.

EZO1 Madness – Coming Soon from Devilworks

The raging action title, directed by Sven Knüppel, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the last of human kind are hunted by giant monsters, zombies, genetically enhanced soldiers and ancient machines of war.

EZO1 combines breathless action, an interesting take on eastern and western philosophy and classic horror elements into the first independent sci-fi movie coming from Germany in more than two decades.

The genre specialist Devilworks shall be launching the film to buyers at the EFM market in Berlin and have just dropped the new poster and trailer to tease until then.

The deal was negotiated by Matteo Rolleri CEO at Devilworks and Justus Beckmann, Producer from Gula Mons Film Syndicate.

Matteo said they are “over the moon” to be onboard the film for world sales and look forward to the reaction from buyers at EFM, stating “the film is a rollercoaster of entertainment which I am sure will pick up the attention from the public fast“.

EZO1 MADNESS will be playing at Worldwide festivals in 2016, soon to be announced.


Trailer EZO1 – MADNESS English Sci-Fi/Action (107 min feature) from DEVILWORKS on Vimeo.



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