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Delivery Beast Within

DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN follows the story of a young couple expecting their first child. A reality show is documenting the pregnancy. When the mother to be, Rachel (Laurel Vail) has a miscarriage she is devastated. She chooses not to have the baby removed but for it to come out natural. However, the next day the doctors hear the babies heart beating again and like it’s no big deal, the pregnancy continues. Strange things start happening around Rachel, is her baby possessed, is she possessed, or is she just nuts.

This is a reality based, documentary, found footage (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) film. The footage is provided by the reality show crew, security cameras, and self shot by the characters.

I’m going to stop here a minute and say I LOATHE these types of films. So going into it I already wanted to shoot my self in the face, but lucky you, I didn’t.

Director Brian Netto does a great job setting up the film, with a full edited episode of the reality show. This gave it the unique spin it needed to set itself apart from this sub-genre and I really enjoyed the fresh perspective. After we see the first episode the film then turns to the raw, unedited, footage capture for the show. Not as interesting but still fresh, as they interview the producer of the show who adds insight to the strange behavior.

Delivery Beast Within

The meat and potatoes of the story and of this sub-genre still rings true. Like all the other types of these faux documentary flicks it is slow! Sure we have Rachel freaking out, we have strange knocks on the door with no one there, but the story really boils down to the relationship between Rachel and her husband Kyle (Danny Barclay). Their relationship and how the events askew it really intrigued me and kept me invested. I give Netto and co-writer Adam Schindler kudos for spending so much time evolving the relationship. This is also a fresh taste to this sub-genre, which normally spends more time trying to scare you with things that aren’t there and doors closing suddenly than creating any interesting characters you’d care about.

If your looking for a scare the shit out of you flick, this isn’t it. If you’re interested in the human factor surrounding such events than certainly check this one out. I certainly enjoyed it.

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Chad Armstrong

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