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Is Death The End…Or The Beginning? Find Out By Supporting SUNSET ON THE RIVER STYX

Indie filmmaker Aaron Pagniano and crew are looking for YOUR help in funding their surrealist horror feature film. It’s about punk rock, time travel, and vampires!

Sunset On The River Styx – YOU can help get it to the screen!

SYNOPSIS — In a deteriorating Florida suburb, Will Peters fills his repetitive and meaningless days with fantasies of suicide. Enter Ashe, intelligent and enigmatic, whose talk of mortality, death, and the purpose of life pulls will out of his waking sleep and into a world of chaos and energy: a cult of vampires led by a charismatic ex-rocker, Wreck, whose stated purpose is to restore natural selection’s rule on humanity. When the two are interrupted before they can complete their transformations into the living dead, they are plunged into the no-man’s-land between life and death. Now, detached from conventional space and time, their only way out is to confront their inner demons and find each other before it’s too late.



The Kickstarter for the film is nearing it’s last few weeks — so you Fellow Fans out there looking for a different concept in horror, that want to support indie horror, and those that always want to do both, get out there and contribute a little something to help these guys make the best film they can make!  They’ve lined up some great perks for contributors — go check it out!




Keep track of all the info and updates on the film’s Twitter account and on Facebook.



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