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CRAZY MURDER (2014): Review…Murder, Madness, And Excrement, Oh My!

crazy-murder-reviewCrazy Murder follows the story of… well… there is no story.  It’s basically a bunch of scenes thrown together of a crazy homeless guy killing people and wiping shit on himself; that’s the synopsis, and maybe the reason why the filmmakers don’t have one on the film’s IMDB page.

Maybe it’s because I’m older, or maybe that I’ve just seen too many films, but this “shock” sub-genre doesn’t do it for me.  To me, there is no filmmaking or writing talent in someone picking up a camera and trying to kill people onscreen in crazy and shocking ways; it’s been done, you aren’t going to shock me, or most other horror fans out there for that matter.  I guess as a filmmaker, if you are unsure of your talents, or know you just plain suck, you choose to go this route with your film.  You don’t have to deal with that time consuming pesky writing part of the process, nor the actual planning of shots; instead just go for the “show up and shoot something disgusting” route. Sure, there is artistry here…in these films, the true artists are the ones constructing and executing the blood effects and the makeup stunts.  I will give these films credit for that; even here, the blood effects and neck stabbings are enjoyable and realistic, so hats off to Doug Gerber for getting something entertaining out of this junk of a film.

I know a small percentage of people reading this are fans of these types of films and will read this and run out to check it out.  That’s awesome, that’s what these reviews are for.  Again these are just my opinions, and I maybe am old fart, but this is a film (I use the term film loosely here), that I would wipe my own shit on if I had to watch it again!

Thank God for hacks!


CRAZY MURDER (2014): Murder, Madness, Extretment, Oh My!

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Chad Armstrong

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