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A Christmas Gift From Bloody Cuts: DEATHLY PRESENTS

Deathly Presents – 2015

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things…”

…no, I’m not outta my tree (well, that’s debatable, but I couldn’t resist the Christmas pun) — that little verse from a longstanding holiday classic puts me in a mind of just what MY favorites things are…and as you Fellow Fans know, short horror films are definitely near the top of that list.

Thus, I was very excited when I was approached to check out a new, roughly six-minute cut of holiday fear, brought to us by Britain’s own Bloody Cuts Films, Deathly Presents.

DP - Press Image 1
OK, creatures are still stirring…but what creatures?

It’s a lovely, cozy Christmas Eve, and a young family is preparing for the day with all the trimmings — a lovely tree, crackling fire, glittering decorations, and a young son excited for the morning.  But strange sounds disturb the tranquility…thumps and bumps from what sounds like the roof.  Could it be Saint Nicholas?  The looks on the faces of the parents lend little hope for this, but after Dad checks on things, all seems well…until a strangely wrapped gift appears beneath the tree, it’s appearance foreboding and…well, ancient somehow.  Where did this come from?  And will it be the whimsical Santa Claus that visits them this Yuletide eve…or something else?

Not so sure I’d do that, Dad…

I’m not going to go into great detail with a review here…I’ll let this fun little film do it’s own talking for the most part; all I will say is that I was very impressed with both the technical skills and performances in the short. The actors portraying Mom, Dad, and the child were convincing and warm — never contrived or phony, as sometimes happens with a short run time. The story and overarching vibe took me back to atmospheric films of the past, deliciously building suspense and making a warm, holiday home seem ominous — the feeling and slightly desaturized look reminded me a lot of Black Christmas or the All Through The House episode of 1972’s Tales From The Crypt. It’s obviously not something that took a tremendous budget (for the most part, it could’ve been done in any home decorated for Christmas), but the acting, setups, angles, and well-paced flow of the visual narrative are done so well as to make this six minute short look like a million bucks.

Enough of my prattling — arriving across the pond just ahead of jolly old St. Nick, we at LeglessCorpse are proud to present Bloody Cuts’ Christmas short, Deathly Presents.




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