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We Chat With Dane Jones, Producer Of ANATHEMA


LEGLESS CORPSE: How did you come aboard as producer on Anathema?

DANE JONES: I was approached by writer/director Thomas Houston, whom I’ve known for many years now, with a post-apocalyptic movie idea. Back then there was no real outline for the film. Thomas and I sat down with the basic idea,
discussing tonally comparable movies and where he wanted to go with the project. I expressed a concern with the genre being so populated and so we set up to developing a project that would be appealing to fans and yet be a new angle on the theme.
We came up with a few ideas & characters and that was it. I was in.

LC: Producers kind of get a reputation of just being a “money” position with little creative input on a project. In most cases this is certainly not the case. For you, as a producer, are you involved in the creative process at all or are you more a business end type of producer?

DJ: On the contrary, I have been involved with the project since the beginning. I have always preferred this kind of working relationship, being involved in the story development meant I was a lot more invested in the project. Thomas and I worked closely on the structure of the movie, characters and themes. Once writing had begun, I took a step back, allowing Thomas free reign but would be there whenever he needed advice.

Of course, the business end of Anathema is the main part of my job so I am consistently updating budgets, schedules, marketing etc.
LC: Tell us a little bit about Anathema and why this project appealed to you and hopefully, will appeal the audience as well, once it’s available to be seen?

DJ: I have always been a fan of the Post-Apocalypse and Sci-Fi genre. The future is pretty much a blank canvas allowing for creativity to go wherever you want. When we started the project there were a lot of movies (Hollywood, mostly) suggesting that humanity would unite for the greater good. We felt that we wanted to take an unambiguous observation of human behaviour. The question of self-sacrifice and self-preservation was interesting and was a major influence on the project. If you
consider that the majority of civilisation is so detached from basic survival techniques, through the advent of technology, thriving in such a world would be incredibly difficult.

Anathema follows Addison, a young boy, as he struggles to take care of himself and his younger sister, Kate, as they travel across the country in hope of salvation, the horrors of the world looming over them. Anathema is a dark and incredibly tense exploration of survival and desperation.

LC: Being a feature film, why did you decide to go the crowd funding route as opposed to the standard route of securing funds through investors?

DJ: The crowd fund is actually part of our finance plan. The Anathema Kickstarter is only a small segment of our overall budget. If the Kickstarter is successful, we will return to our private investment contacts with a proven market/audience for the film, along with a sizeable tax relief from the UK Government, mitigating some of the investment risk.

LC: Your kickstarter campaign has a lot of great perks for supporters, what are some of the perks you are most excited about?

DJ: Well we have a few larger perks in which you can buy exclusive props from the movie, working scripts and even a role in the film. Our best perks, however, are £25/$38 for a digital copy of the movie on completion, supporter credit, access to private updates and features, Anathema poster, social media thanks/position on thank you wall and £75/$115 for a digital O.S.T upon completion, all of the above and the coolest part, ‘Anathematize’ your home post-card. Basically, you take a picture of your home or special place to you and we will make it look apocalyptic, then send you the postcard.
LC: If everything goes as planned, and you get the funds together, when do you hope to be shooting, and when are you hoping to finish post and be ready for viewing?

DJ: Should everything go to plan, which doesn’t often happen in film-making!, we hope to start shooting during October/November this year. Post-Production is a particularly long process. Not only that, we’d be looking to have a ‘theatrical’ release via festival showings and we aim to attain VOD, DVD distribution. This will determine our release window
but we hope to have the film ready for release October 2016.
Twitter: @Anathematweets

We Chat With Dane Jones, Producer Of ANATHEMA

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