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We Chat With Comic Creator Erik van Os About RAVENOUS

We chatted with comic creator Erik van Os about his newest project RAVENOUS

You took a unique approach creating the Graphic Novel specifically for iPad Retina display. How did you decide on that approach as opposed to going with a printed book?

I happen to like my drawings better on display than in print. The screen works as a light box: images get more contrast, more detail. As a comic artist I like to present my imaginary world as overwhelming as possible. Twelve small drawings on a print-page won’t do the trick compared to single panel views on a 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution at 264 ppi Retina display.
RAVENOUS crosses many genre’s, it melts noir, supernatural, crime and horror elements. How did you come up with the concept?

The main story was given to me 20 years ago in a nightmare. The dream revealed a classic story frame with a plot that was so gruesome, I woke up instantly to write it down.To put flesh on the bones I molded it into an urban crime story about a romance between a bad cop and a thief. But beneath both story lines still lurks this nauseating horror.

What are some of the benefits of marketing through mobile as opposed to printed material?

Promoting a self-published product is more direct and feels more of an experiment. Ravenous is meant to be a commercial product but how do you reach English readers all over the world? In spite of social media, markets seem to be still country-specific. It’s a bumpy road but I like it.

What can readers expect once they purchase RAVENOUS? How big is the story and can we expect other stories in the future following Detective Hugo Kingsley.

Ravenous contains a tense, fast paced, progressive horror comic in 600+ grim, full screen drawings. What you will get is sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll and a story that will keep you up at night. Not sure if Hugo Kingsley will show up again; I’m not into detectives at all. Actually, I needed him as a scapegoat.

What makes RAVENOUS, in it’s visual and writing style, different that hasn’t already been seen in graphic novel form?

Ravenous turns the reading of a comic into a more movie-like experience; using only dialogues as if you read a film. I skipped text balloons (they’re ugly and take up too much space) and used a white subtitle-like font (Myriad pro) instead. Telling a story is like giving away secrets one by one. You don’t want the reader to see all your secrets at once. When using print page as a platform, the reader oversees 24 drawings. In single panel view the reader remains totally unaware of what is going to happen, as it should be when you tell a story.

RAVENOUS is rated 17+, what kind of bloody goodness can we expect within this epic, 600 image story?

The 17+ rating is because of the kinky scenes. The original concept contains pornographic elements but to pass the Apple review team, I had to turn them into ‘frequent/Intense mature/suggestive themes. In the end this turns out to work even better, just as it does with horror: not in the face but in the belly.

What do you have next on your plate? Any plans to continue the mobile comic endeavor?

Not sure yet, but I cannot think of publishing something without thinking of a 9.7-inch LED-backlit screen

To learn more and to Erik’s comic head on over to

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We Chat With Comic Creator Erik van Os About RAVENOUS

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