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CARNE: THE TACO MAKER (2014) It’s Fun, It’s Forgettable, And It Confuses The Hell Out Of Your Appetite

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When one lives in Los Angeles and regularly partakes in the wonderful world of taco trucks, watching a film that depicts a taco stand that serves human flesh certainly changes one’s perspective, this is especially true in CARNE: The Taco Maker.

Carne: The Taco Maker is the first Chicano slasher film available to the public from Brain Damage Films and, let me tell you, it certainly lives up to the hype. There have been reviews comparing director Rene Rodriguez to the cult classic John Waters. Honestly, looking at it from an extremely campy perspective, I can certainly see that.

Carne is a deliciously campy treat, full of horrible acting and even worse violent effects. There were times where I laughed at loud and then wondered whether I should even be laughing at that particular instance.

The storyline focuses on Don Taco’s taco stand, which delivers crowd-pleasing street tacos that have a secret ingredient, courtesy of a long-time family secret. Of course, that secret ingredient is the flesh of Los Angelenos, ranging from the homeless of Downtown L.A. to the “lean meat” of Beverly Hills. Oh yeah, and their chorizo consists of penises.

Carne: The Taco Maker Still

Being a Hispanic myself, it was definitely fun to see a conglomeration of Spanglish language and the typical acting of a telenovela. Having said that, I am also a big fan of the taco trucks littered around Los Angeles. I don’t think I will ever be the same now…

The acting, as mentioned previously, was horrible. However, if you’re a fan of telenovelas, the acting is brilliant. It’s a double-edged sword. Mario Valdez Juarez plays the two-faced Don Taco – at times comforting, but also, you know, serving human flesh to his loyal customers. Director, Rene Rodriguez, plays the not-quite-there Meno, the muscle of Don Taco’s stand.

Don Taco Prepares His Meet

Honestly, the storyline isn’t difficult to follow, but there’s also not much of a storyline there. There are mentions of the Mexican mob that pop up throughout the film, but don’t seem to have much of a part in the climax of the film. Characters are introduced, but never fully fleshed out (see what I did there?) and are forgotten by the end of the film.

Carne is one of those movies you watch with your friends after imbibing a case of Coronas: It’s fun, it’s forgettable, and it confuses the hell out of your appetite. I still find myself longing for a street taco.

You can find Carne: The Taco Maker on VOD or iTunes from Brain Damage Films.




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