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Carl J. Sukenick’s SPACE PSYCHOS Ready to out cheese Ed Wood on Limited Blu & VHS!

SRS Cinema loves its cheese extra thick… there’s nothing better than watching super bad movies, especially with good friends — and prolific filmmaker Carl J. Sukenick is a master at piling on the goods! We’re excited to announce that we have in our hands a classic with his early work Space Psychos!

Space Psychos

Made back in the 1980’s or 90’s (we’re really not sure) on a budget of some $30k, this movie – featuring an odd cameo/interview with noted radio personality Joe Franklin, and supposedly scream queen Debbie Rochon (according to Carl, but we couldn’t find her in the movie) – has largely been lost to the general public. But we’re proud, and horrified, to bring it to you in a first ever Blu-Ray (Carl’s first movie EVER on Blu in fact) and all new VHS release.

“Carl J. Sukenick seeks revenge in his horror thriller. After the assassination of his sister, he is forced to find and kill the aliens and terrorists who did it…”

From the twisted mind of bad b-movie master Carl J. Sukenick comes this lost feature from his earliest filmmaking days. If you haven’t seen a Carl J. Sukenick feature and you’re a fan of “really bad yet bizarrely entertaining cinema”, then you are definitely missing something in your life – you WILL become a fan. And hey it includes Joe Franklin of all people… yes, noted TV and Radio host Joe Franklin!!!

The Blu-ray and VHS will go up for presale a little earlier than normal – this coming Wednesday night, August 3rd (that’s TOMORROW night, people!) @ 7pm EST – as we resume production on “House Shark” Thursday thru 8/21. Copies will ship around either the end of August or early Sept. The Blu-ray is limited to just 50 copies and VHS at only 30 – so get there early or miss out on the amazing-ness! The Blu and the VHS will be the ONLY releases of the movie in its original form. An unlimited DVD with some of the music changed will come out some time in 2017.








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