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Bryan McClure Talks STRINGS With Us

MV5BMzY4MmNmOGYtMWIzNi00ZDMxLTk4NTUtZGVlM2JjNDc0Mzg4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjI2Mjc1OTQ@__V1_SX640_SY720_ In the tradition of Stranger ThingsStrings  is a spookfest that rolls out on the small screen – in this case YouTube.

The series, said to be a mix of Teen Wolf  and Saw,  features such seasoned names as Taylor Hay, Paul Stevans, Bryan McClure, Saige Ryan, Joey Luthman, and famed Viner, Nik Keswani. The lead actors bring with them a combined social media following into the millions, and are led through the series by director, Stephen David Brooks, who cut his horror teeth aside the famed writer, Stephen King.

The series finds the characters drugged, hooded, and bound in a room with no apparent way out. What at first glimpse seems to be a random group of teens, the characters soon learn their link is much more than originally thought and someone has a score to settle… at any cost. They must work together to solve the room’s challenges if they have any hope of escape. But is escape even possible? No one will know until the series’ final, nail-biting episode.

We spoke to McClure, who plays Riker, about Strings.

LEGLESSCORPSE:  How scary is the series? Looks like it might be creepy?

BRYAN MCCLURE:  Well, I haven’t seen all the episodes, only the first as it aired today, Monday August, 15th, 2016. So, I’ll be watching alongside a lot of you! But in reading the script, there’s definitely some really awesome moments that’ll creep you out!

LC:  Cool! Speaking of cool, I understand you’re about to play Jimmy Olsen on screen?

Bryan McClure

BM:  It’s true. We don’t have a date slated for filming yet, but I can’t wait to be a part of that project! It’s going to be a blast.

LC:  How important to you is it to do short films and web series? Are they as important as features?

 BM:  I don’t know if important is really a great word to describe either of them for me. Acting is what I love, so getting the opportunity to dig in to a really well written piece, regardless of the length is what’s always a blast! One of my favorite projects I had the pleasure of working in was a student film called “Forever” with recent AFI graduate, Christian Vogeler. The locations we had, the wardrobe, the script, the other actors, we were transported to another place. And the role was so incredibly rich. I really enjoyed playing in that space; just fully letting myself go there. Now I’ve worked with Christian two other times after that.

LC:  Compared to some of the other TV shows you’ve done, where’s  Strings rank? I guess it must be a different beast- being that it’s going to YouTube?

BM:  It’s hard to stack projects up against each other like that because each project has its own unique experience attached to it. Strings  was definitely a lot of fun because I got to be highly involved as a series regular and my story in the series is really fun and rich!

LC:  What was their decision in having the show stream on YouTube?

BM:  I believe a lot of their idea there was that a lot of the actors in the cast have a great social media following. For instance, Nik Keswani is a famed Viner. He has over 2.5 million vine followers himself. So I believe their idea is to use that built in fan base help share the project with.

CmP3W4jVMAA-VCeLC:  Tell us about your character….and if he lasts until the end?

BM:  My name is Rikers Smith…and you’ll have to watch until the end to find out 🙂

LC:  Where did you shoot?

BM:  We shot the majority of it in Downtown Los Angeles, but some of it was shot in the San Fernando Valley.

LC:  Was it a good group of people to work with?

BM:  It was a fantastic group. Definitely made some life long friendships in the process!

LC:  Any blood in the show, or is it more suspense-driven?

BM:   There may or may not be blood on me at some point…


We certainly appreciate Bryan taking the time to chat with us, and wish him all the best with Strings,  playing Jimmy Olsen, and his other future projects!





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