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Briony Kidd’s THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS Available On Shudder

Briony Kidd’s THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS Has Come To Shudder!

A young artist feels overshadowed by a charismatic girl she’s never met, in the haunting short that world premiered at Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. Her life changes when she decides to follow in her nemesis’s footsteps.

Autobiographical in origin, THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS is a coming-of-age story told in the style of a gothic melodrama. The film is strongly influenced by Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier’s exploration of identity confusion and obsession, and 1970s horror films. Starring rising talent Fiannah de Rue and featuring an original score by Heath Brown (41, CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA), it was produced by Adam Walker Film in Hobart, Australia, and financed by Screen Tasmania.

Briony Kidd was mentored by Jennifer Kent, director of THE BABADOOK and is now the director of the Stranger With My Face International Film Festival and coordinator of the festival’s Attic Lab, which places a focus on women genre filmmakers. Her most recent short, WATCH ME, written by Claire d’Este, premiered at Australia’s Monster Fest late last year and is currently on the festival circuit. Her next project is a feature film supported by Screen Australia with producer Catherine Pettman, a post-apocolyptic psycho-biddy thriller.

“Kidd’s style is assured and beautiful, and while the film avoids any overly horrific payoff, it absolutely sticks in your bones.” – Shudder Curator Sam Zimmerman while at Fangoria

Haunting, hypnotic and intriguing….” – Sean Byrne, director (The Loved Ones, The Devil’s Candy )



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