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BLOODRUNNERS (2017): Review – Ice T Is Immortal In This Painful Vampire Tale

Bloodrunners  is a mash up of the old 1930’s prohibition crime dramas mixed with some vampires running amok.  I must say I was a little reluctant going into this one, due to the fact that it headlined Ice-T — however, I was pleasantly surprised, and not because it’s labeled as a horror film. In fact, there is very little vampire element sprinkled into the film, and to be honest, what there was turned out to be the downfall of the film as it held up well as a period crime drama.  There was great character backstory, tough cops forcing bribes onto the prohibitionists, and the staple cathouse whores.

Director Dan Lantz did an amazing job setting up the 1930’s feel from the cars to the clothes and easily put me, believably, into the era. There are some great subplots going on along the way to build upon the character’s psychological reasoning within the film to help propel the plot to where it needs to go. Lantz also creates a beautiful canvas with his lighting and camera setups, which really enhances the production value and look of the film despite it’s budget.

Ice T in Bloodrunners

However, the vampire lore thrown into the film feels out-of-place and forced to make it a horror movie. All the vampire FX where lagging and with the staple Scooby-Doo CGI effects we see way to often in the independent horror scene these days.

If you are a fan of Ice-T, 1930’s crime dramas, hell even if you love bad vampire movies, check this one out because the film does a great job spotlighting all three of these.



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