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BLACK LAND Makes The Top 15 In CineCoup Film Accelerator Project

black_land_cinecoupVancouver Filmmaker Shaine Jones and the Black Land team move to the next round in CineCoup competition!

(Vancouver, B.C.-May 14, 2015) Thanks to tremendous fan support, Black Land has made the cut into the round of the Top 15 contenders in the CineCoup Film Accelerator! From 120 films originally submitted, Black Land has moved another step closer to being optioned for development, with the winner garnering up to $1 million in production financing.

We are honored and excited to have made it this far”, says producer and director Shaine Jones, “and are grateful to the fans for their support. Being in the top 15 brings us a step closer to realizing our vision of seeing our film being made.”

The films that make it to the final 5 are chosen by the CineCoup Board rather than fan vote. The competition increases as the number of films are reduced and this next stage is critical to Black Land moving forward into the top 5. It is up to the Black Land team to show how their film will resonate with audiences. Criteria for the top 5 include the marketability to audiences, as well as the project’s viability to be made into a feature film or episodic series.

The CineCoup Film Accelerator is an independent studio that supports independent projects and creative talent by helping film makers connect with untapped audiences. Each film advances through fan participation, which combines performance indicators, voting and evaluation from CineCoup producers. Based on which films make it through each round, CineCoup guarantees to option a minimum of five projects and finance one project with (up to) $1 Million in production financing and a release in Cineplex Theatres.

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The film’s storyline was sparked by a terrifying incident that led to Shaine getting lost in the woods as a child. It didn’t destroy his lifelong fascination for exploring the great outdoors, but instead, it gave him an idea: How quickly can the forest turn on you; with darkness falling and the possibility of being chased by a supernatural monster?

Black Land tells the intriguing story of an environmental assessment gone wrong, creating the perfect opportunity for unsuspecting scientists to fall prey to ancient evil while working on an oil pipeline survey. The twist and turns of the characters and their plight keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, making them wonder what lies behind the serenity of the tall forests-and they may not have to wait long to find out.

Watch the trailer here:



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Chad Armstrong

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