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BILLY CLUB 2013 Review: Batter UP!

Billy Club a well written slasher flick

I know, another slasher flick with a killer wearing some sort of crazy mask and costume; if I was to see this DVD sitting on the shelf I would roll my eyes, but then snatch it up immediately because I love these types of films. A killer running around for no reason killing a bunch of twenty-somethings that you don’t care about and slaughtering them in unique ways?  Sign me the fuck up!

BILLY CLUB, directed by Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, tells the story of a group of friends reunited 15 years after a baseball game turned into a bloodbath.  One of their teammates snaps and murders the coach and two other players.  The four friends decide, on the anniversary of their fallen comrades, to honor them by retreating to the coaches old secluded cabin.  Little do they know that their murderous teammate is loose and looking to kill off the rest of the teams roster.

Yes, that little synopsis shows that this film is not just another slasher flick.  It has a backbone, a story that includes backstories on the characters and even for Billy, the teams estranged killer.  Backstory and characterization is always refreshing in a slasher flick; why? Because it shows that the writers (also Rosas and Sommer) actually care about the characters they are writing, even the killer.  Not only is the story well-fleshed out, but there are some nice kill sequences that aren’t blatantly over the top, though a baseball bat with nails sticking out on one side and a retractable knife sticking out the tip is still fun.

For a low budget slasher, this one is well made; the acting is believable and over-all very enjoyable with some surprises thrown in.  If you are looking for a slasher film that has some story to it, some good kills, and some acting chops, check out BILLY CLUB; it’s a surprising and refreshing take on the tired old slasher flicks.


BILLY CLUB 2013 Review: Batter UP!

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Chad Armstrong

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