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BETROTHED’s Mikayla Gibson Stops In For A Quick Chat

Betrothed – On VOD July 15th

Betrothed  is Jim Lane’s latest film, about a young girl captured by a psychotic clan to be the bride for one of their sons.  Releasing to VOD this July 15th, the film offered actress Mikayla Gibson one of her most emotional and physical roles to date.  She took a few moments to discuss both the film and her career with us.


LeglessCorpse:  Is acting still as enjoyable as ever for you?

Mikayla Gibson:  Oh yes! I have to remember to keep going through the times of no work and down time. When I get an audition, I get super excited because projects excite me and I can’t wait to be on set working all the time. I don’t think I will ever outgrow this.

LC:  Was that always your intended vocation?

MG:  Yes — ever since I was little I have always wanted to be in movies. I started out on stage –  theatre, musicals. I did all my high school plays and musicals too. Right when I graduated high school I moved to Orange County, where I studied theatre at Chapman University. Then, I went on to get my BFA in acting at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood. I have come a long way for sure and I’m very thankful.

LC:  And when did you know things were working – that you’d chosen a good career path?

Mikayla in a scene from Betrothed

MG:  It is a tough career path, but what career or job isn’t? I live in LA currently, I have an awesome manager and agent who seem to believe in me. I really know that the hard work is paying off.

LC:  Is it fair to say films have been great to you?

MG:  Betrothed  was my first film actually. I am also in another movie that has been doing really well at festivals- Moments of Clarity —  Go check it out!

LC:  When did you get involved in Betrothed?

MG:  I got involved in Betrothed  in 2014. It has been two years, crazy how time flies!

LC:  Was your director an ‘actor’s director’?

MG:  Jim Lane was awesome. He really let me do my work and gave me great notes. He never corrected me or made me feel like I made a wrong choice. He was so positive on set always. Thanks Jim! I really enjoyed working with him.

LC:  Was it a light set or, because of the subject matter, a pretty serious place to work?

Mikayla Gibson

MG:  The cast was amazing and we filmed out in the middle of nowhere. It was dirty, bloody, and awesome. We definitely were constantly working and since I was in a lot of the film, I had really long hours but had an amazing time. We would laugh and joke, but when it came down to doing a scene we would totally focus and work hard.

LC:  How did you psych yourself up for some of the more physically-demanding scenes in the movie?

MG:  I would just focus when I needed to and prepare for my scene. A ton of it was very emotional for me, a lot of physical stuff – it’s a good thing I am in good shape! (haha) At the end of the day I was pretty worn out and then we would wake up early to do it all over. It was a fun-filled week of filming that’s for sure!


We certainly thank Mikayla for taking the time to speak with us, and wish her the best with BetrothedMoments of Clarity,  and all her future endeavors!  In the meantime, go check out Betrothed  on VOD this July 15th!




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