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BED & BREAKFAST (2016): Short Film Review — Completing Its Festival Run, Horror Short Now Available To Watch Online

The Scottish horror short Bed & Breakfast, having received great response  making the festival rounds, is now available for free viewing online.


Based on the story of Sawney Bean, a 16th century Scottish clan leader believed to have been responsible for mass executions and cannibalism, the film brings such horrors to the modern age as Sonny (played by Outpost III’s Gareth Morrison, also co-writer) uses something akin to Craigslist to lure people into his home when his cupboard gets bare.

The script is economic yet smooth, taking the simple idea of the spider and the fly and moving through the eight-minute narrative with skill. Despite the length, the story is fulfilled perfectly — after all, you don’t need deep character development or tons of exposition to know what’s going on here, and the setups and movements take us through the tale with morbid grace.

Come into my parlor…

Like any good short film, we get this macabre slice of life, and are left knowing that we’ve only seen a chapter of this story, and there are no resolutions — this gruesome tale will continue, and we’re left to ponder what will become of Sonny as he carries out his “procurement” of pantry supplies…and I can’t think of a better way to end such a film.

Thanks to the filmmakers, we’re able to share this short with you here on the ‘Corpse — check it out below — I certainly recommend it.

Two cents lighter.





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