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BALLET OF BLOOD, a.k.a. BALLERINA MASSACRE Starts Filming In Hollywood

Ballerina Massacre Poster UZI LRGYou may think you’ve seen it all.

You haven’t.

You have not yet witnessed beautiful young ballerinas obliterated on the silver screen.  Horror enthusiasts are calling it the most anticipated horror film of 2015.


Because not only will the picture feature an all-star cast of scream queens old and new, innocent and not-so-innocent starlets of the sickly cinematic deluge of sophisticated slashers, it’s titled Ballerina Massacre!  Indeed, the name gives away everything, a warning for those too faint of heart, or quickly queasied.


Ballet of Blood is a sophisticated horror film about a gorgeous ballerina with psychological problems.  After drugging a fellow ballerina, she persuades her to aid in the slaughtering of the other dancers at the prestigious company, using an arsenal of various weapons, with ultimate plans of robbing the ballet school’s cash box and fleeing to Mexico.  Will the innocent ballerinas find refuge or will they fall prey to a ballet of tremendous bloodshed?  The movie is a dark, beautiful, and poetic surge of terror.  It’s a shocking, action-packed, and soul-stirring motion picture.

BalletofBlood This is not a Romance Novel Poster LRG


The photoplay was written by Hollywood independent Jared Masters (Slink, After School Massacre), and stars Sydney Raye Smith, Jessica Knopf, Mindy Robinson, Julia Faye West, and Dawna Lee Heising, with Walter Hochbrueckner, Vera R. Taylor, Laura Amelia, Rubi Garcia, and Marla Martinez. Cinematography by John Gonatos.


Expected Halloween 2015.






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