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Award-Winning Horror Short NIBBLE Now Available On Vimeo

Greg Bellavia’s Multiple-Award Winning Horror Short NIBBLE Is Available To Watch Online

After several nights of being kept awake by a mysterious sound in his wall, the overworked Andy agrees to switch sides of the bed with his girlfriend in the hopes of getting some rest. The next morning Andy discovers the source of the noise. Something terrible. Something hungry.

Nibble – 2012

Finishing up its festival run, writer / director Greg Bellavia is proud to announce that his crowd favorite “NIBBLE” made its online premiere on October 24th on Vimeo. A labor of love for Bellavia, along with his producing partner and Director of Photography Leo Ibañez, “NIBBLE” is a horror short drawing heavily on the creature features that influenced both men, particularly the films of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg.

Pulling off this nightmarish story required several key components including a game cast and some impressive special effects. Daniel Findlay plays the role of Andy, bringing both a naturalistic quality and the intensity needed to pull off the exhausted everyman facing down a sinister terror. When not acting Findlay is an accomplished producer working behind the scenes on the action comedy “Kill Me Three Times” and on the upcoming “A Few Less Men.” Catherine Warner plays Linda, Andy’s girlfriend, the grounding element in the film who soon finds her life imperiled by a danger lurking within their home. Warner is the star of the feature “Wait” and she is currently doing promotion for the short film “There I Go” that had its world premiere at the DTLA Film Festival on September 23rd.

Bellavia and Ibañez are longtime fans of practical special effects so they turned to Dean Jones and Kristy Horiuchi of American Makeup & FX to help craft the critter behind all the mayhem. Jones is known for his work on such notable films as Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Men: First Class, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Horiuchi has worked on such well known properties as The Call  and Maron.  The wonderful end result of their work has made a lasting impression on horror crowds across the country.

Leo Ibañez, the Director of Photography gives the film its sinister look. For over 16 years Leo has gained experience in Lighting and Camera as a working photographer and working on the sets of indie and studio productions. With credits to his name on features such as Iron Man, Into The Wild, Easy A,  and television credits on Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Mentalist. Leo is a both a member of IATSE and SAG.





Director Statement

I have always loved horror movies, despite the fact that they used to scare the hell out of me as a kid. More than one sleepless night consumed me with the dread of an impending alien invasion or the dead rising from their graves. Horror is built on iconic moments, moments that manage to stick in your head no matter how badly you wish to remove them. “NIBBLE” is all about such a moment.


Greg Bellavia is currently in post-production on his feature film Devil On My Shoulder, and is working on a creature feature based upon the critter appearing in NIBBLE.

The cast and crew are thrilled to present the film for you online for the first time.

Winner Best Special Effects: Shockfest

Official Selection: Mile High Horror Film Festival

Official Selection: LA Fear & Fantasy Film Festival

Official Selection: FLICKERS Rhode Island Horror Film Festival

Official Selection: LA INDIE Film Festival


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