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THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS (2014): Review…Dexter Meets Breakfast At Tiffany’s

The Anatomy Of Monsters – 2014

What happens when a killer lures a girl from the bar back to a dingy hotel room, only to find out she is one of his peers — and more dangerous than him?

The Anatomy Of Monsters, written and directed by Byron C. Miller, is at it’s core a love story about a girl trying to decide between the killer inside of her or the love of her boyfriend.

The film follows Andrew, who picks up a woman at a bar, takes her back to a hotel room, handcuffs her, and then finds out she is also a homicidal maniac. What we get for the rest of the film is these two talking about how they became the monsters they are. Their stories are told in flashbacks (mostly Sarah’s) and poorly-written dialogue — though played serious, you laugh out loud at how cheesy it is.

The cinematography is mediocre at best, with extremely shaky camera work that made me want to punch myself. It gets old quick and had me screaming tripod!!! or dolly!!! during these shots.

The story certainly had potential, however the majority of it is two people talking in a hotel room with uninteresting tales to tell just didn’t do it for me.

Tabitha Bastien, who plays Sarah, has some acting chops and given some good dialogue and story to envelop in, she certainly could shine…but ultimately the script was the start to an almost un-watchable film.

Anatomy Of Monsters tried to riff on the Dexter vibe, but fails miserably.




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