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ALMOST HUMAN (2013): Ladies Guard Your Vagina’s

Almost Human

I’m not one to jump at the chance to watch an alien abduction flick. They are pretty redundant and personally I don’t find them very scary or creepy. However, there are a scarce few that have tickled my cranium. I remember watching The Invasion Of the Bodiy Snatchers in 1978 on ONTV and it scared the hell out of me. Then there is of course John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Let me tell you, Almost Human brought me back to the ONTV days. A throwback to the 70’s and 80′, this film is up there with both Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and Carpenter’s The Thing.

Almost Human is about a guy, Mark (Josh Ethier) who gets abducted in front of his finance Jen (Vanessa Leigh) and best friend Seth (Graham Skipper). Two years later Seth is having some bad dreams about Mark returning, but something isn’t right about him. Well guess what, Mark does come back and he’s almost human, with a little alien craziness inside him. He wants to return to Jen to have a family and turn the entire world into the kind of creature he is.

Josh Ethier As Mark

Written and directed by first time feature director Joe Begos, Almost Human delivers. It’s not only an alien abduction flick, but you also have a horror flick thrown in. Mark leaves a trail of carnage as he finds his way back to Jen. The gore is aplenty with some really cool camera tricks thrown in (camera mounted on the hatchet was my favorite). The films pacing is constructed well and at no time does it drag, the momentum just continues to build until it explodes with the best oral sex performed on a girl in film history!

The cast is incredible especially Editor turned actor Josh Ethier, as Mark. His performance is haunting and cold and fits the role perfectly. His rugged features add to the character nicely.

Josh Ethier and Graham Skipper

Joe is certainly an up and comer in the genre and we can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve next.

Almost human ranks up there, besides a few lines of dialogue that seemed forced and out of place the movie is entertainment gold and SciFi and Horror fans should not miss this one.

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Chad Armstrong

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