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ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE: It’s Already Been Brought’n… Back From The Dead

All cheerleaders die
All Cheerleaders Die, is the story about a high school student, Maddy, trying to get back at the Captain of the football team, Terry, for doing some nasty things to her over the summer. Things get out of hand, luckily her girl crush, Leena, happens to be a Wicken and can bring the squad back from the dead, but Terry’s got his own plans against the undead girls.

Written and directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, based on their 2001 video project of the same name, All Cheerleaders Die is an entertaining cult film kinda ride.

What really holds the film together is the dynamic cast of characters and their relationship with one another. The first moment we see Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) you know that there is something off about her, something that she is hiding and that her motives serve another purpose than what is on the surface. Which really lets you invest in the character and the film itself.

Sianoa Smit-McPhee

The film has some laughs too, there are a couple of scenes which involve Maddy and Leena’s girl crush moments and the way the soundtrack shifts for these moments had me damn near falling out of my chair laughing. The cheerleaders over-the-top portrayal of snotty cheerleaders is a lot of fun and amusing, the entire cast is wonderful to watch. There is not a bad seed in the cast.

If you’re looking for a cheerleading exploitation flick, this isn’t it. Sure there is some sex appeal, some lesbian love, and blood, but this is not a slasher film, it’s a pleasant blend of Bring It On and The Craft.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It’s got a great cast, great directors, and some bloody kills that are fun and over the top.

Catch All Cheerleaders Die on VOD May 8th from RLJ/Image Entertainment and home video July 22nd.

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