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ME2 (2016): A Short Horror Film Look At “Selfie Culture”

ME2 – 2016

I wonder what George Eastman, when contemplating the design that would make cameras accessible and practical for normal folk instead of just trained photographers, would have thought if he could see what the end result of his endeavor would be.  With carrying a camera in our pockets a virtually inescapable reality, and the ability to share those photos with the world instantly, the joys of photography have reached heights that would certainly have given the creator of the Kodak great pride….right?

Along with the convenience of being able to take high-quality photos and preserve our memories, technology has also given rise to a preponderance of what some people perceive to be less-than-desirable habits. “Let’s take a picture of every meal that we eat to show the world“, or “Sure, it’s totally cool to take a last shot of me and Aunt Evelyn…at her funeral“.  Even something as simple as taking a photo of ourselves when in a memorable situation (at a monument, at a place of interest, with a celebrity), while understandable, has evolved into the convention of simply taking pictures of ourselves…not just in special places, either  — at work…in the car….in the bathroom….everywhere.  Sure, most everyone does it from time to time, but when does it stop being a novelty, and become narcissism?  The scariest bit of that equation, however, is less the self-love than the voyeuristic nature of everyone who keeps looking  at all of this…

Filmmaker Alex J. Mann, however, envisions an even more frightening and macabre distillation of this so-called “selfie culture”…one where the ghost in the machine may well be us.


On the heels of his take on the possible horrors of the SnapChat craze with 3 Seconds  comes his latest look into techno-terror, ME2.

A young woman admires her long list of Instagram selfies, but notices some odd looks on some of them…”do I look like that?” her expression seems to say.  She spends a little time checking herself out in the mirror, then returns to her self-aggrandizement, only to find that one particular self-portrait, her current favorite, has something distinctly different  about it….

I’m not going to go into a lengthy review here, as Mann has been kind enough once again to allow us to showcase his short film below; suffice to say, as with his last short, I’m impressed with his production value and visual narrative.  He gets his points across without a word of dialogue, and he makes a very prescient satirical observation within the pretext of the horror tale.

Personally, I liked  it….but I’m the old fogey technophobe, right?  You Fellow Fans out there can judge for yourselves!





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