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A New Take On The Undead, FRACKIN’ ZOMBIES Seeks Your Voice!

Winnipeg Production Company Zell-Koj Studio, producers of the upcoming 2015 slasher/
thriller Dark Forest, are developing FRACKIN’ ZOMBIES, their second genre feature, which is in
the 2015 Cinecoup accelerator competition.

SYNOPSIS: After a fracking disaster in the town of Allure, long divided townsfolk are left needing a hero.  Allure is a booming town financed by fracking, and is home to “pleasant-ville” type
people.  Long ago the naysayers were driven to live alongside the biker babes, A.K.A. the
“Brazen Black Hearts” on the fringes of town.  DUSTY, respected leader of the babes, is
the rightful owner of land where old fracking operation is.  DUSTY and the babes make a
final stand for land and life as corrupt Mayor Paul’s thugs let greed get the better of the
them & unknowingly unleash a reign of terror of fire breathing zombies!


The Cinecoup Film Accelerator gives each team weekly marketing missions, the top team will
receive $1million in financing and a guaranteed theatrical release. A concept trailer has already
been created and a social media following for the project continues to grow!

When the concept trailer was shot, word was spread and 4 times the amount of people showed
up to be extras in this exciting and original Zombie project!

Winnipeg artist Arlea Ashcroft is slated to play Dusty, leader of the Biker Babes, and the word
of this project is starting to get out locally.

Visit FRACKIN’ ZOMBIES on Cinecoup to cast your vote for their project; remember, there are different missions each week that need your voice!

Check out the links below for more information about the film!



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