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A Bloodthirsty Cult Seeks Unholy Salvation In SHELTER FOR THE BLOODSTAINED SOUL

From Writer/Director Nicholas Wagner (The Holy Sound ) comes the first trailer for Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul,  the story of a twisted preacher and his cult devoted to the resurrection of a pagan goddess that feeds on the burnt flesh of lovers.

Shelter For The Bloodstained Soul

Drifter Addison Montclair (Malcolm Mills) wanders the American Rust Belt, killing indiscriminately with no sense of purpose until he discovers a cursed relic meant to imprison the sacrilegious bones of Claire (Elena Delia), a pagan martyred by Crusaders a thousand years ago. With Claire’s guidance, Addison channels his charisma and murderous impulses to form a cult composed of society’s most dangerous and despised. Among their charges are the drug-addicted musician Harvey (Maggie Williams Hatfield) and the utterly depraved Tex (Reed Delisle.) Together, they offer tribute to their ancient mother with the burnt flesh of lovers.

Their lives remain a whirlwind of devotional executions until the group happens upon a prostitute named Cammy in the midst of a brutal assault. Claire designates Cammy as the vessel of her foretold resurrection in the coming war against the Christians. Cammy lends herself willingly to the group’s blood-soaked endeavors, but her long-lost brother (Johnny Day) and his misguided search for his family may very well lead to the destruction of everything Addison and his ilk hold dear.


Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul (Trailer 2016) from Nicholas Wagner on Vimeo.



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