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A Horrific Russian Legend Comes To Life In THE HOUSE OF DOMOVOY

Kirill Khrestinin is an indie filmmaker with the kind of guts and go-get-em attitude that always makes us here at the ‘Corpse get a big ol’ grin on our faces.  His latest work is a modern spin on an old Russian legend that just might get your skin to crawling — check out, in his own words, Khrestinin’s writeup about the film, and support indie horror and take a look at the film with the link provided!

The House of Domovoy

Pictures of an old House on the computer screen. Someone is looking at them one by one. The House is old and completely abandoned. Stephen is a writer; he decided to visit this House. Winter, snowy evening, Stephen goes inside the House. He’s walking through the empty rooms with their own history. He knows something evil happened in here long time ago. After a while he wonders around in the basement. Flashlight is lonely blinking in complete darkness. Suddenly he sees an ugly creature howling in pain. Stephen runs out of this place in terror. But he takes something away from this House with him, something that is going to change his life forever.

After that he writes a book about Domovoy. Domovoy is according to Russian legend an evil creature who lives in abandoned houses with a bloody and evil past. He tells his wife about the nightmares he’s having. In these nightmares he becomes divided into two parts of his very own, evil and crazy or he’s naked in the night forest being chased by some evil spirit. His wife asks him to visit a witch who she believes can help him. They visit her but she makes things worse recognizing Stephen’s other side desperately wanting to get out of him. The witch tells him that he’s dead and alive at the same time. She knows about an accident that Stephen has several months before (A car hit him). The witch believes that Stephen should’ve died in that accident but for some reason he didn’t. She knows that Stephen is Domovoy. The following night he sees a dream where he meets his grandmother who died long time ago even before he was born. She tells him that he is the one, that what happened with him in that house wasn’t an accident; it was written in her blood long time ago. She tells him he’s the Master of Domovoy.

The book is finished —  Stephen understands he has a little time before his final transformation. He decides to give the book to his friend, another fellow writer. He believes this book will be for protection. His friend thinks Stephen has gone mad, but takes the book anyway.

When his transformation into the evil creature is complete, Stephen kills the witch, then his wife, and then disappears inside the house, forever waiting for his next victim.


Interesting facts about the movie: This movie was actually shot in the house that belonged to one of Ivan the Terribles’ servants. The house is located approximately 20 miles from Moscow next to an old cemetery. Lots of legends surround that house and of course a lot of terrible crimes had happened in that place during the time of Ivan the Terrible.

The script is based on the Russian legend about “Domovoy” who is an evil/kind creature — it depends on the house they dwelled in and the house’s history. They’re usually the ones who guard the place from strangers.

Kirill Khrestinin wrote this script after he had been hit by a car; this put a scar on his face and broke his leg. He was one second from his death and got very lucky. He was speculating why he didn’t die and in the movie “The witch” tells to Stephen that he’s dead and alive at the same time.

This movie was released for an Internet audience and you can watch it on Vimeo on demand by clicking on the link below:




The House of Domovoy from Kirill Khrestinin on Vimeo.



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