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100 TEARS (2007): Review…Big Ass Cleaver, Bloody Clown, Carnage, Good Times

Carnage galore in 100 Tears

Some films are just made for gore-filled fun. Peter Jackson’s early works such as Bad Taste and Dead Alive are probably ones that stand out to the horror fan. During this time there were quite a few that continued to focus on the sickest practical gore effects and thrust the makeup artists into being the stars of the film. There hasn’t been too many that stick out in my mind since the 1980’s and 90’s; however, 100 TEARS sure brings back the gory fun in this 2007 Marcus Koch directed splatter-fest.

The story is essentially nonexistent until about the end of the second act. Which is all fine and good, because the first half of the film is filled with a crazy clown, with an absurdly large meat cleaver hacking and slashing his way through an entire half-way house of dead-beats. I mean there are at least 8 kills within a few minutes time and they aren’t just off camera kills. The kills are all shown on-screen in some fashion or another with a large amount of makeup FX and buckets and buckets of blood.

Jack Amos as Gurdy The Clown in 100 Tears

The story itself is not a huge selling part of the film. I couldn’t have cared less about the story, I just wanted to see the clown and his cleaver wreck havoc on anyone that crossed his path, and that surely happens. The lead “investigative” journalists trying to catch up with the killer have their moments. Their chemistry is very good, and actors Joe Davison and Georgia Chris play very well off one another and are super fun to watch. But again the stars here are Jack Amos who played the clown, and occasionally Joe Davison who played the clown in some shots as well. Between the clown and the over the top splatter effects (also by Koch), the film is a delight for any gorehound.

If you are a “splatterpunk” who misses the gore and carnage of yester-year, this film is certainly for you. If you are looking for great plot and scares, this certainly won’t be for you. I was very entertained and shocked at how good the FX were for such a small budgeted film. Regardless, check it out and decide for yourself; it certainly wont be a waste of time!




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