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UNNERVING: Horror Web Series Touches On All Our Fears

Unnerving – Independent horror web-series

Almost all of us horror-types love the old staple “campfire tales”, the stories that, in many cases, hooked each of us from early ages on things of the spooky nature. Always fairly short and to the point, these little stories, typically passed down by word-of-mouth, often had some moral value, some little point that we should remember lest something so terrible happen to us. The old “hook” story wants to encourage teens not to go parking on lover’s lanes — same with the many variants of the “feet scraping the roof of the car”. Other tales played upon irony, such as the vilification of the poor gas station attendant in the tale of “someone in the back seat”.

Many stories of this nature became urban legends, and many more are the inspirations of many of our favorite horror films — and for every one that we’ve heard, Fellow Fans, there are dozens more out there that we may not have had the pleasure of shuddering through.

Creator Ashley Coughlin

Writer/Producer/Actress Ashley Coughlin appreciates these little slices of the darker side as much as we do, folks — and with her webseries Unnerving, she’s certainly doing her part to bring more of these macabre vignettes to us in frightening, memorable ways.  Each episode that she and her talented group of filmmaking companions put together is a bit of folklore, be it a tale that’s from old legends brought to modern times, or one that’s borne from more contemporary fears.  Ranging from four to eight minutes, they’re not gonna take up a lot of your time, but there’s some pretty imaginative bang for your buck, especially considering these are usually shot in a single day on almost-there budgets.  These are done for the love of it, friends…and we all know that these are usually the ones we enjoy most.

Dare we say it?

Coughlin plans to expand the episodes to thirty minutes in length going forward, and has script ideas for over seventy (yes, I said seventy) more episodes already written — all with the ultimate goal of a DVD anthology of these scary little tales, and she plans on launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to move toward this.  We here at the ‘Corpse will keep you posted on further details about this as they become available.

In the meantime, check out some of the videos already posted on YouTube:

Episode One – Monster In The Closet

Episode Two – Child Of Mine

Episode Three – No Direction




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