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The Forte Brothers Of FORTE FILMS ENTERTAINMENT — New York Grown Indie Horror

In our quest to bring indie horror to you Fellow Fans out there, and you Fellow Fans to indie horror filmmakers, we at the ‘Corpse try our best to support those passionate folks out there that have the chutzpah to go out there and get their visions committed to the script and screen, and one that’s recently come to our attention is the duo behind a growing catalogue of horror shorts, web series, and branching even now into features — the Forte brothers.

Kevin and Matthew Forte were born and raised in New York — and even now they make their home and film most of their productions in Queens.  Several years ago, Kevin singlehandedly started Forte Films Entertainment with the second short film he wrote and directed called Orlock — based on the character Count Graf Orlock from the 1922 Murneau classic, Nosferatu.  Kevin followed this with another short film, Last Laugh.


Matthew joined his brother in running Forte Films Entertainment a few years later with his  first professional short film, Anna — about a zombie battling an eating disorder.  The brothers have produced a number of shorts since, and are currently preparing to release the newest installments of their horror web series The Sin Reapers,  premiering later this summer.

The Sin Reapers

The Forte’s love for horror goes all the way back to their childhood, growing up with the releases of films featuring cinematic legends like Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Michael Myers, Chucky, Leatherface, and many other horror icons.

Of all their projects thus far, The Sin Reapers  has received the most praise and response from audiences. Matthew feels that the idea of characters seeking vengeance in the name of justice as the Sin Reapers “Pandora” and “Scrimm” do will always resonate strongly with people. The latest installment of the series will premiere August 2nd on the Forte Films Entertainment YouTube Channel. This upcoming installment is the first of a three-part storyline titled “The Sin Reapers: Ciara” — where Pandora and Scrimm help a departed young woman exact retribution on those peers who sexually assaulted her at a party.





The Forte’s have been kind enough to share their work with us here at the ‘Corpse, and make it available for you Fellow Fans out there to check out their horrific visions.  Included below is the introductory episode of The Sin Reapers,  and also Matthew’s short Anna,  which he feels is the closest vindication of his original vision of all that he’s filmed thus far.  Enjoy — but don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel for their other work, and to support these guys in their passion!





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