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THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY (2016): Review…The Dark Fairy Tale We All Want

The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty – 2016

First of all, this is my first review for Legless in a long while because grad school consumed my life, so let me just say I’m thrilled to be back! Now down to business…

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is a dark fairy tale about Thomas Kaiser, a man plagued by recurring dreams of a beautiful young woman named Briar Rose. He inherits a house from an uncle whom he never met; this inheritance comes with a warning that both the property and his bloodline are cursed. Thomas must battle demons to save Briar Rose, who is trapped in an eternal slumber, waiting to be freed.

I have to admit, I was a little bit wary of this movie based on the title. But I wound up actually enjoying the film! Visually, every aspect of the whole movie is fantastic, and it’s really beautiful/creepy to watch. Briar Rose’s makeup game is way strong, and if this happens to be a blockbuster film, I guarantee that you’d see a ton of Briar Roses this Halloween. The demons are also cool and freaky, which is great, because who doesn’t love badass demons? The sets are all gorgeous and well-composed. I was surprised by such high production values on an indie film.

the-curse-of-sleeping-beautyThe plot is definitely enough to keep you interested, but it’s not mind-blowing or particularly unique. But that’s okay because, honestly, if you’re watching a movie with “Sleeping Beauty” in the title, can you really expect it  to not have a somewhat familiar plot? But this is definitely an interesting twist on the classic tale that’s worth watching—even if it might turn out to be unhappily ever after!



XLrator Media will be releasing THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY in Theaters on May 13th and on VOD and iTunes on May 17th




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