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TEACHERS DAY’s Jared Masters First Trailer For Murder-Mystery Comedy CLUB LINGERIE

I loved TEACHERS’ DAY so I’m pretty excited about seeing this crazy-ass film. Check out the trailer and you’ll see what I’m saying!

TEACHERS’ DAY Jared Masters Releases First Trailer For Murder-Mystery Comedy CLUB LINGERIE

First trailer for murder-mystery comedy ‘Club Lingerie’, starring Bouvier!
This summer, Jared Masters brings us a dark new screwball murder-mystery comedy, with the classic “who-dun-it?” formula. Is this beautiful man the killer? Or is it the mad preacher who’s knocking off the … hired help…. night club owner Renea’s doomed new eye candies. Starring Cult Film Goddess Bouvier, the quintessence of opulence and refinement. Don’t come alone to… Club Lingerie, where pretty models are dropping dead. Introducing Doctor Grundles as … Doctor Grundles, with award-winning actress Dawna Lee Heising as Shelby Gator, and Richie Lillard as her luscious lover, Legs Benedict. Jacqueline Guzman also stars, featuring Richy Jacobs, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, Mindy Robinson and LeJon. With Andy Dick as the magnificent pageant show presenter. Plus sex symbal Domiziano Arcangeli, “The White Stallion of Cinema”. Coming soon from Frolic Pictures. Remember the name: Club Lingerie, the weirdest, wildest, funniest, freakiest movie ever made!

The star of Andy Milligan’s last film, Surgikill (1989) … the “Cult Film Goddess” herself… Bouvier, has spent the few years in hiatus, turning down contract after contract from the biggest studios in Hollywood, until … The Young Sultan of Sensationalism finally convinced her to re-enter the lime light as the star of his newest picture, Club Lingerie, the story of a sophisticated woman who inherits a once ragging night club from her grandfather, only to suffer from the times’ economy, until her brilliant idea of sporting lingerie models turns the business back around… but also into a killer’s canvas for a blood bath.

The film also features Geo Sargent, Jennifo Box, Sydney Raye Smith, Jessica Knopf, Maria Olsen, Alexandra Skiba, Vera Taylor, Laura Amelia, Richy B. Jacobs, Jesse Briandi, Lauren Taler, Robert Evans, Glenn Brunno, Joe Karam, Kara Michelotti, Liliana Lev, Rachel LeMar, Ernesto Orellano, Trevor Doss, Varian Gray, Billy Hendrickson, Ashley Kyron, Isabella Georgiou, Curtis Simmons, David Bocanegra, Mickey Woodall, Shelley Sheraton, Mystic Marlow and LeJon. The film is produced by John Van Harlingen, Bouvier, Julia Faye West, Sunny Vachher, Jacqueline Guzman Cereceres, Richy B. Jacobs, Michael Anthony, Mikko Tervonen and Seth Metoyer. Art Direction by Ryan Henneman. Stills by David Levin, Valerie Paignien, Jamie Blank and Melanie J. Brown.­­ Special effects make-up by Billy Hendrickson. Production design by Mystic Marlow with art assistance by Rachel LeMar. Directed by Jared Masters. Trailer coming soon. Someone will have to put more clothes on them if it’s an open casket.


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