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TALES OF HALLOWEEN Collector’s Edition: A Great Halloween Treat!

tales-of-halloweenAs approach that magical month of October and that grand ol’ annual fest of Samhain, we horror-types get hyped up on a certain kind of glee — not only is it the prime time of each year that we get to be ourselves without (too many) odd looks, but we know it’s the time when horror flick watching becomes the day-to-day norm, and it’s not just us!

Just in time for this year’s Halloween, Epic Pictures has released a fantastic four-disc collector’s set of the horror anthology Tales Of Halloween, which is, on my  list, essential viewing during this time of year since we had the good fortune to check it out last year (you can see what I thought of it here).

Now this just isn’t any old cobbling together of a flick and a few behind the scenes photos or quickie cast interviews — this is like dumping the whole candy bowl in your bag!  Along with the film on both Region-Free Blu-ray and DVD, they’ve included behind the scenes diaries for each segment, deleted scenes, a passel of short films from some of the who’s who of young horror directors involved, and  the complete soundtrack of the film — perfect for those Halloween parties!

Fellow Fans who enjoyed the film will be very pleased with the additions in this set, as the features/diaries play out even more on the shared love of the genre that the movie displayed — you can definitely feel the passion of the filmmakers, but also get a firm dose of how much fun they had while working on this movie.  There’s a pervasive feeling of camaraderie that is a palpable thing — you find yourself wishing you coulda been there!  The short films included maintain a lot of the look and feel of the film itself, keeping a light-hearted feel while still being effective — although I enjoyed most of these, I’ve got a soft spot for project creator Axelle Carolyn’s offering The Halloween Kid.


Now, I know there’s a lot of you Fellow Fans out there that all these features and such aren’t your thing, and I totally get that — I can see where it could be kinda repetitive in some sense if you’re not really into it.  Also, there’s one weird thing about the set — you get two neat collector’s cards, which in and of itself, is a good  thing…but I’m not sure where that’s going — will there be more that can be purchased?  Question’s tabled for the time being.

All in all, this is a great presentation for what I thought was a great film.  Of course, opinions on that vary (as they always do), but if you’re looking for a great little Halloween treat that can be enjoyed by most of your party-goers, you should definitely check this set out as an option…but hurry!  It’s limited to 1000 copies, and when they’re gone…





Exclusive Shorts:

Brain Death (21 minutes) – directed by Neil Marshall
The Halloween Kid (7 minutes) – directed by Axelle Carolyn
Boilly (:30 seconds) – directed by Lucky & Vanessa Mckee
Thirsty (14 minutes) – directed by Andrew Kasch
Hot Rod Worm (4 minutes) – directed by Andrew Kasch & John Skipp
No Rest for the Wicked (15 minutes) – directed by Ryan Schifrin
The Evil (5 minutes) – directed by Mike Mendez


Video Diaries:

2-3 Video Diaries for each segment of the anthology, featuring interviews with the directors, cast, and crew, and sneak peeks behind-the-scenes on set.
Total Run Time: Approximately 60 minutes, Stereo/Mono Audio


Additional Bonus Materials:

Deleted Scene / Grim Grinning Ghost – directed by Axelle Carolyn
Behind-The-ScenesCommentary / Sweet Tooth – directed by Dave Parker
Anatomy of a Scene / Friday the 31st – directed by Mike Mendez
Fun Facts / pop-on video commentary for selected segments
Photo Gallery / Behind-The-Scenes of Bad Seed
Storyboards / Ding Dong
Trading Cards / Starter Kit Included in each Box Set
Three Audio Tracks: 5.1, 2.0, Commentary
Three Subtitle Tracks: French, Spanish, English




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