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Support Indie Horror — Support THE CLEANSING!

An honors project for writer/director Nik Aufderhar has taken on a life of its own, and needs your help to come to fruition!

Julia Dent as Jael in a promotional shot for The Cleansing

SYNOPSIS — A small rural community who call themselves “Divine Witnesses”, bound by their religious beliefs, is rocked when their leader, whom they call “The Father”, returns home after being missing for some time. He gives them some grave news: he has spoken to God, and God has told him that the world will soon end. A young member of the of the community, Jael, couldn’t be more prepared, but a misunderstanding quickly causes her and her family to have to leave the communal town before The Father’s strict punishment can be enforced.




Director/Writer Nik Aufderhar — As a UNCW senior film studies student, Nik wrote The Cleansing  as an honor project — but it has become so much more. The Cleansing  has become one of the most ambitious projects to ever come out of UNCW, and involves some of the schools most talented young artists. Nik grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina and always had a passion for film and photography, but originally went to college to pursue marine biology at East Carolina. After a few semesters, however, he could no longer hold back his drive to create and moved to Wilmywood. This is the third short film directed by Nik — the others will also be released later this year.

Executive Producer/Production Designer Kelly Kruger — A graduate of UNCW, Kelly has a background in art and graphic design. Born in New Jersey, Kelly is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. She is passionate about traveling, appreciates the films of Wes Anderson, loves Skrillex, and aspires to make every film she works on a cinematic experience. Kelly has stuck around Wilmington to make The Cleansing  happen, but Wilmington won’t be able to hold her for long!


“The Father” (Troy Rudeseal), addressing his “children”…

Main cast — With a Wilmington based main cast, The Cleansing  was lucky to be able to pull from some of the most talented local actors. Recently cast as the lead of ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, Julia Dent is an exciting upstart in the theater community in Wilmington and is quickly taking on more and more film projects. Playing the role of Jael in The Cleansing, her dedication and drive was a constant source of inspiration for the rest of the cast and crew.

In the ominous role of “The Father”, the film boasts Troy Rudeseal, a Wilmington veteran ,who has stared in many local film and plays. “Whenever he walked into a room, his character seemed to come with him“, says Aufderhar of Rudeseal’s contributions. “It’s hard to forget during rehearsal the first time he yelled, spit went flying everywhere and he about knocked the other actor to the ground. Thats when I knew we had found The Father.”


THE CLEANSING Trailer from Nik Aufderhar on Vimeo.



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