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SORORITY HORROR HOUSE (AKA American Horror House) Almost Good, Almost

Sorority Horror House
There is a fine line to a bad horror movie crossing that line to being so bad it’s good., well for me anyway. What makes the film jump over that line is the filmmaker’s knowledge of what their film exactly is… bad, and going at it head first. However, there are some filmmakers that have no idea they are making a bad film and try to keep it serious, which just makes the film almost unwatchable.

Sorority Horror House (aka American Horror House) is just plain bad. I am quite upset at director Darin Scoot, because he was sooo close to crossing that line, but instead he kept to the side of the line thinking this movie was going to be good. If he would have realized that the movie was shit, and embraced it he could have actually had a good, horrible movie. They must have known how incredibly shitty their movie was after it was all said and done, because they changed the title from the TV Movie name of American Horror House to Sorority Horror House when it hit DVD, trying to trick audiences into buying this garbage.

You should know I’m passionate about something when I start droppin’ run-on-sentences.

This is supposed to be a ghost story about a house that a sorority stays at but is haunted by the ghosts of the people the headmistress has killed. But the headmistress is also a ghostly being haunting the house.

Sorority Horror House

I’m not a huge fan of ghost stories, reason being is because the films always try and scare us by seeing things the main character’s can’t. An example is a character is snooping around in the dark because they heard a noise, and in the background a ghostly figure will walk behind them, or hands will appear from behind the character, but then disappear when the character turns suddenly, in that direction. Sorority Horror House does this as well, but in almost every other scene, and done badly. There is a scene where a girl is snooping around in a room full of clothes and as she walks by hands come reaching for her in a comically choreographed manner. Which would be fine in a movie like Scary Movie 6, but again Darin Scoot didn’t want to cross that line.
Sorority Horror House

Now there are some redeeming elements that could have made this movie good if it wasn’t taken so serious. Some of the kills were cool and bloody. The character of the killer mascot bear was super cool, and I would have rather seen a slasher movie with the killer wearing this suit then what we have here. The acting was horrible, again that is an element in making a really bad movie good, and it was about a girl’s sorority. These elements put together in an outrageous, non-serious, over the top, horror movie and you could have had an entertaining movie, even a cult hit. But no, Darin Scoot thinks he’s making The Conjuring.

If you want to see some cool kills check this one out, if you want a good movie pass on this one.

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