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Location Shooting Wraps On Steve Stone’s SCHISM


Branko Tomovic and Francesca Fowler are starring in Schism, a psychological thriller which Steve Stone is directing from his own script.

SYNOPSIS :  A consultant psychiatrist attempts to break through to a disturbed young woman who has not spoken since she was found in a wheat field days earlier.  The two men who discovered her gave statements that she was not alone in that field.  There were also the dead bodies of three young children with her.  The police can find no trace of the children.  Together, in her secure hospital room, patient and doctor begin a devastating journey into the abyss of what has happened to her, the mystery of who she is and the staggering revelation of what she might be.

This will mark the second collaboration of Steve Stone and Branko Tomovic, who already starred in Stone’s first feature, the supernatural chiller Entity, alongside Dervla Kirwan and Charlotte Riley.  Entity had a very successful festival run and found distribution in the US, UK and Australia.  It won the main award at the London Independent Film Festival and also Best Film at the British Horror Film Festival, including nominations for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Leading Actor (Branko Tomovic) and Best Leading Actress (Charlotte Riley). 

Francesca Fowler and Branko Tomovic

Branko Tomovic can currently be seen as Jack Bauer’s right hand man Belcheck in 24: Live Another Day.  Other recent credits include David Ayer’s Fury with Brad Pitt and he is also set to play Nikola Tesla in Michael Anton’s biopic Tesla.  Francesca Fowler’s credits include Dr Who, Rome and she also starred alongside Gillian Anderson in Closure

Schism just wrapped shooting on locations in Northern England.


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