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The Return Of Jigsaw?: MOCKINGBIRD Trailer And Poster

I’ll give Bryan Bertino (director, The Strangers) the benefit of the doubt and just assume he’s never seen one installment of the Saw franchise. I mean, that’s the only possible excuse for creating a villain that pops up on a static filled television and says, “I want to play a game.” Except, this time it isn’t Billy the puppet . . . it’s a f***ing clown.

If you don’t like found footage, don’t watch the trailer. These ninety seconds will make you feel someone rolled you down a hill in a barrel.

Anyway, here’s a synopsis – “Three cameras are given to three separate households on the same night with instructions to keep filming if they want to live.”

Mockingbird will be available on DVD October 21st.

Mockingbird Poster


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