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NURSE AKA NURSE 3D: I Would Have Rather Drank From A Bedpan

Nurse 3d Poster

Here’s a great example of a Production Company taking more time developing exceptional marketing materials instead of focusing on a good film.

Nurse 3-D, you know the movie you couldn’t go online or open a genre magazine without seeing the Olivia de Berardinis type poster art. The art was eye catching, beautiful. sexy, and intriguing, the movie just blew.

Nurse is a story that’s been told zillions of times; a girl with an affection towards another girl, and when the girl denies her, murder starts to happen. Abby (Paz de la Huerta) is a nurse with a dangerous past, who goes around killing cheating, married men. Suddenly, with no relationship development, she’s head over heels with a new hot blonde nurse, Danni (Katrina Bowden) all within minutes of the films start. After a one night stand, after Abby drugs her, Danni starts noticing how strange Abby’s behavior is and tries to distance herself, with deadly results.

Paz de la Huerta in Nurse 3d

Plot line sound familiar… Yawn. The only thing new, writer/director Douglas Aarniokoski, does here is go over the top with the sexy. Sure the film looks great, but the most beautifully shot films still suck without a good story. All we get here is nudity thrown down our throats. Don’t get me wrong Nudity is great, when done appropriately, to enhance a scene or bait a plot line. That is soooo not the case here. There is a scene where Abby is torturing Dr. Morris (Judd Nelson), she removes her dress and panties to do it. So she’s sawing away at this guy in just her bra. Really, how does that progress the story. While I’m at it at, what hospital do the nurse’s wear mini-skirts and low cut shirts. There’s a scene when Abby is leaning over a patient and half her tit is hanging out, really. Where is this? I need to be admitted.

Paz de la Huerta in Nurse 3d

Paz de la Huerta who plays Abby in the film is down right awful. She over acts every line, every strut, every glance, every motion. She tries to play the saucy, sexy, seductress way to hard. All her actions and reactions seem forced, and in all honestly, I wanted to punch her after about 20 minutes.

I have to give the cinematographer, Boris Mojsovski, credit, the film is visually stunning. Another rare but good aspect of the film is Katrina Bowden as Danni. I have to give her credit for supplying the only real character in this mosh of cow turd.

Unless you are a teen looking to see some T&A on the down low, this movie isn’t worth pushing play on the remote control.

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Chad Armstrong

President/Co-Owner at LC Films
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