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Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers: ROAD GAMES Trailer

It’s a terrible idea to pick up hitchhikers because you might end up with a wacko like Mick Taylor in your car – a guy that wields a Dundee knife and spends his free time running over kangaroos. It also isn’t wise to accept a ride from someone that eats road kill when a serial killer is on the prowl, like the characters in Road Games. In the newly released trailer, two hitchhikers agree to spend the night at a psycho’s house of horrors. This leads to a high speed chase through the French countryside with a double-barrel.

Synopsis: On a summer day in the French countryside, drifters Jack and Véronique hit the road together. But when they accept a ride from a local road kill collector, the pair find themselves thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse.



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