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Jinga Films Adds LAST GIRL STANDING To Their AFM Lineup

Worldwide genre specialist Jinga Films has added Benjamin Moody’s post modern slasher LAST GIRL STANDING to its AFM slate.

Last Girl Standing

Akasha Villalobos stars as the sole survivor of a horrific massacre in which all her friends were brutally murdered. After a period of convalescence, she returns to society where she struggles to gain acceptance. Treated as a freak by her work colleagues she eventually becomes like her would be killer, an outsider with a grudge to bare. Can she escape the cycle of violence or is she destined to repeat the slaughter?

Produced by Rachel Moody, LAST GIRL STANDING received its World premier at FrightFest in the UK where it was picked up for UK distribution by Icon (Babadook, It Follows). Its US premiere was at Eerie Horror Film Festival in Pennsylvania where Benjamin Moody was awarded the prize for Best Director. LAST GIRL STANDING has since been selected for Dublin Horrorthon, Tucson Terror Festival, Lund Fantasik Film Festival in Sweden and the New York Independent Horror Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Jinga has booked screenings at the forthcoming American Film Market in Santa Monica where LAST GIRL STANDING will be viewed by distributors from all over the World.


LAST GIRL STANDING – TRAILER from Jinga Films on Vimeo.


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