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FRACTURED – Formerly “Schism” 2014 Review

Fractured Key Art
In Adam Gierasch’s latest flick, Dylan White is in quite the epidemic. Dylan is currently employed as a chef in the beautiful town of New Orleans. He leads a tad boring life and aside from his firecracker girlfriend, there is not much else going on in Dylan’s life. As a matter of fact, for the past few years, Dylan has no recollection of his past. He had woken up from a coma not too long ago and the only life he knows is the one he currently lives in and he seems absolutely content with it.

As Dylan’s memories start coming back, he finds himself in truly frightening situations with naked females. Which might sound grand, but they are all dead.

He starts uncovering the darkness of his past and starts to realize that he was involved in some fucked up shit. When he realizes what his past consisted of, the new Dylan hates the old Dylan.

Vinnie Jones in Fractured

Fractured didn’t seem to give the wow factor I thought it would have. It had great potential with the idea of someone who goes into a coma and finds that his past life was anything but pleasant, however the supernatural aspect of it just killed the overall horror factor.

Dylan’s character was a bit boring and I felt that when his past moments were revealed, the viewer couldn’t adapt to the “Hard Ass” Dylan. You know the one who ran a horrific sting and shot people and shit. I had a hard time stringing timelines and irrelevant events and characters together. This movie spun too many ideas together and at times confused the viewer on the real focus.

However, the concept of the human aspect of it, the real reason why he was having these visions, is what deemed this film with a horror factor. I have always said that the living scares me more than the dead and this movie epitomizes my views.

All in all, Fractured was a lot like Dylan’s character. Had potential, but didn’t give me nightmares at night.

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